Published 1920 to 1932 then continuously from April 1938.


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The Navy magazine has for most of the last eight decades served as the public voice of the Navy League of Australia on all matters concerning the maritime well-being of Australia, including naval matters of Australian and international interest both present and past. The magazine is published in Sydney, and every financial member of the Navy League receives a copy by mail as part of their annual subscription. The magazine is available for retail purchase through selected newsagents.

The editorial policy of the magazine reflects the principal objects of the League, namely:

  • to keep before the Australian people the fact that, as an island nation, a strong Navy and a sound maritime industry are indispensable to Australia’s security and independence.
  • to promote and actively support local shipping, manufacturing and transport industries in the interests of maintaining a strong and effective Australian defence capability.
  • to encourage and enhance the interest of Australian youth in the sea and in maritime affairs generally and to support initiatives that provide sea-going and related training for young people.

In the interests of encouraging informed public discussion and debate, the League invites expressions of opinion on issues affecting naval and shipping matters generally, but material published in the magazine does not necessarily represent the views of the Navy League of Australia, the editor or the Royal Australian Navy.

All enquiries about the magazine should be sent to:
“The Navy”
GPO Box 1719
Sydney NSW 2001 Australia
Telephone: +61 (0)2 9232 2144
Facsimile: +61 (0)2 9232 8383

Email Enquiries:
Business Enquiries: [email protected]
Editorial Enquiries: [email protected]

Past Editions:
All available past editions of The Navy (from 1920) will be progressively added to this site as PDF files, although the most recent will be available only by subscription or retail purchase. Some files might be quite large.

To search for information in past editions, download the index HERE. The index, prepared by CMDR John Wilkins OAM RFD* RANR, is a searchable PDF file. If the relevant edition of The Navy has not yet been uploaded to this site, email [email protected] and the edition will be provided either directly or on this site.