The first unit of the Australian Navy Cadets  was established in 1907 at Williamstown by the Australian Navy League of Australia and the Royal Australian Navy.  A new Australian Sea Cadet Corps (ASCC) Training Ship (TS) Voyager was established in I956.  It was known as the Police Cadet unit as its officers and Instructors, apart from being ex naval personnel, were members of the Victoria Police force. The unit was the youngest of six units in Victoria, at the time, until TS Latrobe was formed some time later.  Click on this link to see a full HISTORY OF TS VOYAGER

In 1973, the Australian Navy Cadet units came under the direct administration of the Royal Australian Navy.

Navy Cadets learn seamanship skills such as navigation, sailing, practical boat work, communications and signals and marine engineering. They are also taught a range of other skills including:

  • leadership and team building skills

  • firearms safety and marksmanship

  • computer skills

  • first aid

  • cooking

  • citizenship

  • drill and ceremonial

  • band activities (only those Training Ships that have a band)

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