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The publications below are authored by CMDR John M Wilkins OAM RFD* RANR Ret’d.

  1. Life and Times of Captain William Lonsdale “Nieuwe Dieper” 1799-1864, 1991, limited edition,Revised Edition 2002.   Lonsdale, the founding ‘Chief Agent of Government Port Phillip District NSW 1836-1839.  His name later applied to ships of Victorian Colonial and Australian Navies and for the World War 2 RAN Stone Frigate HMAS Lonsdale 1940-1993
  2. Index – Navy League of Australia ‘NSW Journal” & “The Navy” 1920-2004’ , 2004.
  3. Royal Australian Naval College and VADM Sir John Collins KBE RAN2005.
  4. Royal Australian Navy Royal Australian Naval Reserve Honours Awards Citations 1939-1945+, 2005.
  5. Afghanistan Revisited2005, published by The Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria (International Philatelic Literature Vermeil award 2007.)   Joint authors: Prof Richard Divall AO OBE  & John M Wilkins RFD*.
  6. Australian Naval Reserves, A Brief History 1859-2006Revised 6th Edition May 2014
  7. Brief History of Australian & British Navies as Revealed by Buttons Buckles Badges Banners and Braid 1748 – 2016; Revised 5th Limited Edition of 50, June 2017.
  8. Stone Frigates 1856-1992,  Limited Edition 2016