COOK CANNON miniature replica – HMB Endeavour 1770 Approx 1/10th. scale replica. A unique miniature 22ct Gilt silicon bronze of HMB Endeavour’s cannon jettisoned by Lieutenant James Cook RN in 1770 off the East Coast of Australia and recovered in 1969 from the Endeavour Reef. Price: $500 Free postage within Australia (International post extra). Limited numbered Edition of 100. It is accompanied by a 16p A5 wire bound and numbered booklet on the history of the Cook cannon, loss, salvage and restoration 1770 – 1969.

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Victoria Division Navy League of Australia;
P.O. Box 1303, BOX HILL 3128, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
ABN 47 008 451 063;

Price: $500 Free postage within Australia (International post extra) ea


Price: $500.00

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